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Even though Austria is a relatively small country, it has a very diverse landscape and is rich in cultural heritage. Beautiful cities, charming villages, imposing mountains, vast plains, spa resorts and mountain lakes are the heart of Austria. The  popularity for buying property in Austria amongst foreigners is enormous. 


Property for sale in Austria

Austria is located in the Eastern Alps, which have many forests and grassy areas and are lower and wider than the Western Alps. The country has a soft climate. The average temperature in January is just below freezing, and in July it is about seventeen degrees. In the mountains the temperature differences are larger and in the South of Austria there is an almost Mediterranean climate. 

With property in Austria you can enjoy 2 seasons. In the summer there can be plenty of golfing and in winter the world famous ski resorts can be visited. If you buy property in Austria, you can choose the area that best suits you.

Buying property in Austria is a good investment in the short and long term as you can easily rent out your holiday home in Austria. 

Austrian specialties

When looking for property for sale in Austria you will surely notice that Austrians are passionate lovers of music, song and dance. It is also no coincidence that Austria is the birthplace of the waltz, which is above all thanks to father and son Strauss. Great composers such as Haydn, Mozart and Gluck have lived here, making Austria as one of the greatest musical centers of Europe. Every year, thousands of music lovers from around the world come and visit Vienna or Salzburg to enjoy the musical festivals.

Besides beautiful music Austria is also known by its special cuisine. Austrian cuisine has certain influences from German, Turkish, Eastern European and Italian traditions. For example, apfelstrudel and famous Viennese coffee culture are originally from Turkey. In addition, goulash, Viennese schnitzel, and sacher cake are the most requested dishes in the Austrian cuisine. All about houses for sale in Austria on MySecondHome.

Buy property in  the Alps

More and more foreigners buy property in Austria in the Alps. According to the ERA Europe Market Survey 2008/2009 in 2008 9% of houses in Austria were owned by foreigners.

In total there are more than a thousand villages in the Austrian Alps, so you will definitely find the property for sale in Austria that meets your expectations. The demand for a house on the ski slope is growing every year. It is therefore a sustainable investment in regard to price stability and the extensive rental potential.

The slopes in Austria are always very well maintained and have a modern infrastructure with comfortable lifts.

Resorts such as Bad Gastein and Zell am See are not only popular in the winter, but also in the  summer. And of course the heart of the Alps, Tyrol, is always popular with visitors to the country and with the foreigners who are looking for property for sale in Austria, also when buying property in Austria Vorarlberg is very popular.

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Properties for sale Austria

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