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Buying property in France is a dream for many different people. There are many interesting houses for sale in France. A house in France has many advantages for people who want to invest in happiness.


Property for sale in France

It is not surprising that many consider buying property in France, the country is renowned for its romance and picturesque villages. The good kitchen and delicious wines also attract many foreigners to France. 

Buying property in France, Southern France

The South of France and in particular the Côte d'Azur has been very popular with second home owners. The region is characterized by its exclusivity and the wonderful beach life. Moreover, it is also the place where the rich and famous like to come to. 

Houses for sale in France, the French Alps

The search for property in France also regularly takes place in other areas, for example in the French Alps. Here many winter sports fans have the discovered extensive ski possibilities France has to offer and taken to it wholeheartedly. The Loire region, where the many castles adorn the landscape, is also a popular place to buy property in France. Finally we come to Paris. The French capital consists of a multitude of cultural attractions. 

The French housing market

The demand for property in France has been great. Various studies have shown that this demand will stay large in the coming years. Many people from different cultures all are interested in buying property in France. House prices reflect this popularity. Because of this the house prices in Provence and the Côte d'Azur are relatively high. But the price per area can be very different. It is said that at present the French house prices are on the roof and that the prices will decrease over time. A favourable development for anyone who is looking for a house for sale in France now.

Property for sale in France

When you have found the perfect property in France you will notice that the purchase of property in France is different than you might be used to. Do you want to know more about the buying process and the role of the notary in France? On our site you will find more information about this and more. You can for example read all about taxes in France or about how to insure your second home.

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Properties for sale France

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