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Property in Normandy

This northern coastal region has a lot of reasons as to why it is recommended. The region, which actually consists of two parts; Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy, offers countryside, beach and French charm. It is also a feast for the tongue due to the typical white fish and seafood, cider calvados and Camembert.



The accessibility of Normandy is one of the reasons why people buy a property in Normandy. You are able to reach your potential second property in Normandy by sea, land or air. Many Parisians have selected this region for their second property for the exact reason.


Pristine discovery?

There are old buildings, stables, land and lakes for sale in this region. The houses that are available range from old country houses to luxury apartments; there is guaranteed to be something that fulfills your wish for a second property in Normandy. Despite its good accessibility, the region has still remained relatively undiscovered. The region also offers ample opportunity to fish, hunt and shoot.


Price properties for sale in Normandy

Compared to other regions in France, prices are almost negligible. The closer you move towards the sea, the higher the price of a property in Normandy. For an amount of € 45,000, you can get a house here that will need some renovation. Should you prefer a large stone farmhouse with outbuildings, then you should look to spend around € 150,000 for property in Normandy.

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Properties for sale France, Normandy

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