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Buying property in Portugal has long been extremely popular amongst lovers of sun, golfers and retirees. It is also one of the cheapest countries in the European Union and that has not gone unnoticed by the Europeans.


Property for sale in Portugal

The huge coastal strip of Portugal attracts many tourists throughout the year. In particular the Algarve in the South is very popular because of the beautiful beaches and many golf, especially for those interested in buying property in Portugal. As many as a third of the properties in Portugal are owned by foreigners.

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Would you prefer a glass of wine over being at the golf course? Even then you can find your home amongst the houses for sale in Portugal. The region of Alentejo wine is known for its large vineyards, which produce the most delicious wines. The famous port wine is not made here, but produced in the north of Portugal. This is an area where the foreign tourism has not yet really found yet, but which is very popular among the Portuguese itself. Property Portugal? Find you dreamhouse on MySecondHome.

There is a sure increase in the number of people who want to buy property Portugal. Along with this, the number of people who decide to immigrate to Portugal has also increased. It is mainly retirees who buy a house in Portugal and leave for good to the land with as much as 220 days of sunshine a year, many cultural and historical treasures and breath-taking scenery.

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Unlike in other European countries the prices of houses for sale in Portugal have not risen sharply. One of the reasons for this is the large number of houses built in recent years in Portugal. As a result, property for sale in Portugal has remained very affordable according to European standards.

In the popular Algarve region the price of houses are on average higher than in the rest of Portugal and the prices rise faster. Currently there is a slight price drop noticeable throughout Portugal, which is less noticeable for homes than for apartments.

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Propery Portugal: € 117,000

Property Lisbon: € 250,000

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To buy property Portugal it is wise to know the rules and regulations of the purchase process. Read about the playing field in the property market and what the rates are, and you can also find information on the financing and renting out your real-estate Portugal.

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Properties for sale Portugal

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