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Properties for sale Algarve

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Algarve property for sale

Thinking of a holiday in the Algarve, the picture of a quiet holiday on the golden beaches of constitution arises. On the blue water with the Portuguese delicacies at your fingertips. The good news is that this region certainly provides a good climate for investment. All Algarve properties for sale on MySecondHome.

Property Algarve

The typical white villas in the Algarve are a temptation, but more is what the area has to offer if you are looking for a second home in the Algarve. The Algarve has the best example of golf courses in the world where courses in all golf levels are offered. That's one of the reasons why the Algarve was awarded the 1st place for "best place to buy a second home".

The average prices, even though they differ by region, for a property in the Algarve:

  • Studio apartment from € 90,000
  • One Bedroom Apartment from € 120,000
  • Two bedroom apartment from € 150,000
  • Apartment with three bedrooms from € 180,000
  • Town House with a bedroom from € 150,000
  • Town House with two bedrooms from € 200,000
  • Town House with three bedrooms from € 250,000
  • Modernised house or townhouse from € 200,000
  • Detached villa with two bedrooms from € 400,000
  • Detached villa with three bedrooms from € 600,000
  • Detached villa with four bedrooms from € 900,000

Properties for sale Western Algarve

The western part of the Algarve is slightly less massive than central Algarve and a second home is also attractive priced. The more western the homes for sale, the lower the price. On average, this region is 30% less expensive than Central Algarve. The recent opening of the 'Via do Infante'-highway has visibly revive the market.

Property for sale Lagos

An apartment in a complex with swimming pool, gym, bars, restaurants and shops can be bought for less than € 200,000. A detached villa with 4 bedrooms for € 500,000.

On the coast second homes are obviously more expensive than inlands. Yet, Lagos is one of the most affordable coastal areas of the Algarve. For a detached house with 2 bedrooms, you pay € 280,000, while an apartment with the same number of bedrooms from € 130,000 is offered.

Limited edition

The small village of Praia da Luz has a limited number of houses on offer and is expensive. New villas are around € 600,000, a 2 bedroom house is around € 280,000 and an apartment with 2 bedrooms € 175,000.

Around here new white Sagres villas are to find, but also traditional fisherman houses. The prices vary widely here, but on average takes a second home with 2 bedrooms around € 270,000.

East Algarve

The east of the Algarve is the least cultivated part of this region. For the buyer of a second home in recent years, the home still holds much potential. More and more investors search this region for the home of their dreams. The growing popularity creates rising prices for properties in the East Algarve. For a one bedroom apartment the request is approximately € 100 000. For a two bedroom apartment around € 140,000 is the price. A small villa costs € 200,000 and a larger villa in Algarve is around € 300,000. The houses along the coast are the most popular and therefore the most expensive.

African living in Spain

For those looking for a second home with an African appearance must see Olhao. The typical white cube-like houses are typical for this region. Some advisors see in this region, by the nearby sandbanks unique and favorable opportunities, a good place to build a second home.


The area around Tavira is a good place to invest in a second home. The region has a relatively low average price for a second home and a steady influx of tourists. There are ancient town houses for sale in the historic center that need renovation. Once refurbished, they are very popular, just like the old country houses outside the city. For golf lovers there is good news, because there are a number of golf resorts under construction.

Central Algarve

For the buyer of a property in Central Algarve is the rental of their property guaranteed. The rental market is very stable, and around Albufeira is a great variety of properties for sale. Also around Vilamoura there is something for everyone to find. There are golf resorts, apartments with sea view, private villas and apartments with exclusive services.

Price properties in Central Algarve

The highest prices for a property in the Central Algarve are asked for a property in Quinta do Lago. The location near the airport of Faro makes it an attractive place for, for example, a villa with five bedrooms, swimming pool, garden and within walking distance of the beach to buy. You do this for a price of approximately € 2,000,000.

Because in summer it is the terrain of tourists, but in winter it attracts enough golfers, buying a second home in Central Algarve is a very lucrative investment.

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