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The sun-drenched Spanish Costas have long been an attraction that draws in many tourists from all over Europe. For people who also want to buy property in Spain it is very much in demand. The country of flamenco and bullfighting is not just a summer destination but is also ideally suited to spend the winter.


Houses for sale in Spain

The Mediterranean coast is in particular very popular because of the mild winters. With property in Spain on the Mediterranean coast, you are guaranteed a holiday home where you can enjoy sun, sea and sand all year round. 

Who isn’t as charmed by the tourist beaches and vast landscapes but rather in search of peace can fulfil their heart’s desire in the Spanish countryside. Spain is a country that knows many other landscapes in addition to its beautiful coastline, with each providing different property for sale in Spain. As such, you can search in the green valleys of the North, in the olive groves in the southern Andalusia or the desert regions on the border with Portugal. Spain is rich with beautiful cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

Not only the wonderful climate and the beautiful scenery have made Spain a favourite destination for years. Certainly the casual lifestyle, the convenience of the euro as a means of payment, the accessibility and the high quality level of healthcare have ensured that many people look for houses for sale in Spain in order to settle for good. Especially older individuals look for property in Spain and choose to emigrate to Spain once they have retired.

The Spanish housing market

Many people have gone before in the past couple years to buy property in Spain. The demand for holiday homes on one of the Spanish Costas has been quite large. To be able to meet the demand, there has been a lot built in Spain. All the while, the average house price has risen sharply and buying property in Spain became too costly for many. This now seems to have come to an end. There currently are many houses for sale in Spain and the price increases have diminished. Because of the large number of properties for sale in Spain and the decrease of the increase, you will be able to find a good purchase. 

Buy property in Spain

With the purchase of property in Spain you will have to adjust to a different playing field you may be used to. Read more about how the purchasing process works, how you can find financing for your real estate in Spain and what is waiting for you when you finally have the property in Spain in your possession.

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Properties for sale Spain

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