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Turkey has in recent years increased tremendously in popularity as a holiday destination and you will also notice this because of the growing interest of people who have interest in buying property in Turkey. Because of the relatively cheap all inclusive holidays to the Turkish seaside resorts, many have come in contact with the country.


Impressive nature, many historical and cultural treasures and a unique blend of old and new makes Turkey an ideal country for buying property. Turkey is the bridge between Europe and Asia and has much more to offer than Mediterranean beaches and a sparkling sea. 

Property in Turkey

With your search for property for sale in Turkey it is not hard to determine the preferred region. Each area in Turkey is characterized by its own kitchen, feasts and traditions, but also the landscape and the different building styles give each region their own identity. This makes Turkey a very diverse country where when passing a regional border you feel like you are entering a totally new world. Most people buy property in Turkey in the South or on the west coast. The Mediterranean climate creates dry warm summers, making it the ideal place to enjoy the sun, sea and sand. 

The Turkish housing market

In 2001, the Turkish law was adjusted to make it easier for foreigners to buy property in Turkey. Since then, more and more Europeans, have started to look for houses for sale in Turkey. With the increasing demand there has been a great development of the housing market in Turkey. The existing houses greatly increased in value, but much has also been added. This makes the average price of real-estate in Turkey still very low for European standards and so a luxury villa is still very affordable. It is expected that with the increased co-operation between Turkey and the European Union prices of houses for sale in Turkey will increase.

Turkey price: 68.768 €

Price Ankara: 74.456 €

Property for sale in Turkey

In early 2008 it was temporarily not possible for foreigners to buy property in Turkey. By a change in laws the supply of tapu's (title deeds) to foreigners was temporarily stopped. In the meantime a new law has passed and foreigners can get a hold of Turkish properties. How exactly you can arrange your finances to buy property in Turkey and what else you will have to deal with, read it all here.

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Properties for sale Turkey

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