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A second home

A house in the French countryside, a cottage with a view of the sea in Algarve, or an apartment in the heart of Barcelona is a dream for many people. A second home is a great idea but be prepared for the road ahead. Buying a second home in the Netherlands is different from buying a second home abroad.

Mortgage second home

The mortgage for a second home abroad is generally financed up to around 80% of the execution value. The part that is not financed is what has to come from your own pocket. There are a multitude of options, including cash and even your pension. For more details you can contact your bank.  

Banking abroad

When you are choosing a bank abroad, it is wise to get advice from someone who understands and is up to date with the country’s current financial affairs. A real estate agent salso has experience in this. He/she can assist you in the purchasing process or help you to get in touch with the right people.


The fiscal arrangements for owning a second home varies per country. There are taxes in the country where you live and tax consequences in the country where you own the house. Below is a list of taxes that you need to consider in the country where you plan on owning a second home.

- Taxes in Spain

- Taxes in France

- Taxes in Austria

- Taxes in Turkey

- Taxes in Italy

- Taxes in Portugal

- Taxes in Hungary

- Taxes in Bulgaria 

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