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Investing in happiness?

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Investing in happiness?

If you have money, then it may be a good choice to purchase
second property. It can add more to family vacations, give you a place several times a year to go to, or a place to spend winters. The largest decline in house prices is over and therefore a second home for the next long time period is actually quite a good investment and you can even make profit off of it.

What is a second property?

A second home is a house that is not directly in your current environment and is acquired with the aim to get away from it all. It is also said that a second property should be at least 80 km from the house where you live.

What is the difference between a second home and an investment project?

Lenders approach a second property differently from an investment project. An investment project is designed to let, while a second property has the goal to be a home away from home.

Getting a mortgage is possible when you yourself can contribute equity. This equity can be cash, but also part of your pension.

With a good financial situation with your current house, there are good opportunities to increase the current mortgage.


Can I have pay for a second property?

You are suitable for a second home when you:

1. Have sufficient cash to fund

2. Have built enough equity on your current home to increase you mortgage.

3. Qualify for a second mortgage. The risk that banks want to take herein differs per bank.


Right choice?

Questions that can help you with making the right choice:

·         Do I want to enjoy my house, rent it out, or a combination of both?

·         Will I visit my second property at least 1 time per year?

·         Will it be a family home?

·         Will I spend more time there when I am retired??

·         Is it a good time to buy?

·         Can I pay in the long term?

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